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I was in high school and 9/11 happened. My boyfriend joined the army and I was extremely disgusted with this war fervour.
I don’t even think about tomorrow. I just live today speaking the truth.
The alternative to the corporate media is a renaissance of citizen journalism emerging around world – exploring the different avenues that do exist, like podcasts, to tell whatever story you want to tell.
It’s really shocking to see what the military can do, strip you of any personality, turn you into an aggressive, sociopathic sadist before even going into a battlefield.
Obama’s election in 2008 marked a new dawn for hundreds of millions of people looking to an eloquent, constitutional lawyer for ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ in America. However, it quickly became apparent that Obama had little substance beyond the slogans branded by his campaign.
Words hold tremendous power, and if we don’t reclaim our language and start seeing people instead of ‘militants,’ drone victims instead of ‘bug splats,’ or natural splendor instead of ‘green infrastructure,’ then the voiceless are destined to be silenced forever.
The majority of the wealth of human knowledge is owned by a few publishing companies that hoard information and make billions off licensing fees, although most scholarly articles and journals are paid for by taxpayers through government grants.
America has an identity crisis. This is a relatively new country compared to the rest of the world, yet it’s the bully that fronts to know war and democracy like none other, therefore leading the global arbitration on both fronts.
Unfortunately, generations of people have been told by their political leaders that they are more exceptional human beings than the rest of the world – this sense of privilege is incredibly toxic.
People have a good reason to be afraid of tear gas, considering it’s a banned agent of war under the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention. Here’s the catch – there’s a clause in the treaty that includes an exception for domestic use. Yes, it’s illegal for the U.S. military to use tear gas against ISIS, but cool to use against American citizens.
As the world’s leading military and arms supplier, the U.S. is also the biggest producer of less than lethal weaponry.
Somehow the government has convinced the American people that using tear gas is perfectly harmless, despite stark evidence to the contrary.
Between yellow ribbon magnets, patriotic anthems at sports games and corporate marketing campaigns, the rhetoric that those in uniform are protecting freedom is hammered into the psyche of Americans at every turn.
If there’s one thing that unifies the nation in times of perpetual war it’s the pledge to ‘Support the Troops.’
The only reason an empire ever fights wars is to maintain empire.
The stream of empty platitudes ordering troop worship is especially ironic considering the abysmal treatment veterans receive once they return home.
I can’t stress enough how strongly I am against any state intervention in a sovereign nation’s affairs.
In the corporate media, there is almost no criticism of corporations or American empire.
Is it really so hard to believe the fact that Bush and his cabinet turned a blind eye to let the attacks happen, or even ensure that they happened?
Military intervention is never the answer.
I always recommend navigating the landscape and understanding where it’s coming from, so don’t get your media from just one source; get it from a variety of different sources but understand the bias and the source.
Art became my therapy. It’s an amazing outlet.

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