Abdoulaye Doucoure Quotes

I am a strong man, I am always looking forward and this is my main thing.
A club that plays in the Champions League is the goal, but I don’t have a particular one in mind.
I still work on it almost every day in the gym. You have to know your body and that also means knowing when it’s time to rest. Sometimes the coach will manage me and give me a day off so that I’m right for the weekend.
Part of the reason that I wanted to become a footballer was to help my family and friends financially so that was one of the thoughts that kept me going.
Liverpool is a club that needs no introduction. I was impatient to play at Anfield, I wanted to feel the atmosphere.
It is just not something we need to forget easily, to just bend the knee, to put on our t-shirts, Black Lives Matter, and one week after everyone forgets that.
To get to the only club in my area you had to cross a really busy road and my mother forbade me from going there.
When I play, I play with my feet and with my head also.
Being the second-youngest of eight children has helped. You get used to waiting your turn even if it’s just to have a go on the PlayStation. And you have to make sure you’re ready to take it when it comes. It’s the same in football.
A lot of people talk about clubs but if something happens the club will know and will inform me. If one club wants to buy me we will have to sit together to take the decision.
I’m happy in the Premier League.
I am very happy for all the players doing the Black Lives Matter bend the knee. We are all in the same boat.
The main quality I have is my mentality because I never gave up – I never, ever give up. I have been like that since I was young. I knew I had to take my chance when it came. Nobody gives you anything. You have to go and take it and this was the way I think.

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