Bad For Me Lyrics Meghan Trainor

Bad For Me Lyrics Teddy Swimsis the latest song by Meghan Trainor. The voice of this beatiful song is given by Meghan Trainor. The song is from TAKIN’ IT BACK (Target Exclusive) album. The song will release on June 23, 2022.

Bad For Me Song Lyrics Meghan Trainor

Lyrics from Snippet

[Pre-Chorus: Meghan Trainor]
My therapist told me to write you a letter, mm-mm
She told if I did it would help me feel better
But it wouldn’t do shit even if I sent it
‘Cause you won’t get it, you’re too damn selfish, mm-mm

[Chorus: Meghan Trainor]
Please don’t make promises that you can’t keep
Your best intentions end up hurting me
No matter what I love you and let’s leave it
I gotta run, I gotta run from your reality
I know we’re blood, but this love is bad for me
[Verse 2: Teddy Swims]
Damn it’s hard for me to let go, from someone I held so close, mmm
Damn it’s hard for me to draw that line, and leave you on the other side
But my…

Bad For Me Song info

Song:Bad For Me
Artist:Meghan Trainor
Album:TAKIN’ IT BACK (Target Exclusive)
Written:Meghan Trainor
Release Date:June 23, 2022

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