DEATH FANTASY Lyrics Kilo Kish & Miguel

DEATH FANTASY Lyrics is the latest song by Kilo Kish & Miguel. The voice of this beatiful song is given by Kilo Kish & Miguel. The song is from AMERICAN GURL album. The song will release on March 21, 2022.

DEATH FANTASY Song Lyrics Kilo Kish & Miguel

[Verse 1]
I have a death fantasy
Death of my aesthetics, this falsing fiction carved in my way
Death of my image, of my intellect, my all is okay
Death of my pretty and my cozy and my craft and my grace
Cannot keep rushing the gate

[Verse 2]
The death fantasy
Projected spaces in your frameworks, they do not go to me
To fit inside your empty visions, livid bird in a cage
Death of my hustle, my trajectory, my style and my lane
That flagrant look on your face

I have the death fantasy
Eh, eh
Ha-ha-la-la-lujah, I’m free
Eh, eh
A charming death fantasy
Ha-ha-ha-la-la-lujah I’m free
Hey, keep your hands off of me

[Verse 3]
What’s to be said of your stage?
Havе changed the title but havе yet to write a single new page
Privilege is cheap, if you can’t be free, so I said
“Seems like it only repeats”
I have a death fantasy


Artist:Kilo Kish & Miguel
Producer:Ray Brady
Written:Miguel, Kilo Kish
Release Date:March 21, 2022


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