​deep in the woods Lyrics Hayley Kiyoko

​deep in the woods Lyrics is the latest song by Hayley Kiyoko. The voice of this beatiful song is given by Hayley Kiyoko. The song will release on June 23, 2022.

​deep in the woods Song Lyrics Hayley Kiyoko

[Lyrics from TikTok snippet]

‘Cause, girl, I need it, bad as breathing
Keep me here and never let me go, let me go
All I want is to be close to you (Close to you, close to you)

Baby, I, I know I met you in another life
You’re unforgettable
It’s like you’re my dream, my déjà vu, a ghost
You’ll be right there wherever I go, I

​deep in the woods Song info

Song:​deep in the woods
Artist:Hayley Kiyoko
Written:Patrick Morrissey, Nikki Flores, Hayley Kiyoko, Kill Dave, Chloe George
Release Date:June 23, 2022

​deep in the woods Video


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