Hold The Heater Lyrics Southside

Hold The Heater Lyrics Futureis the latest song by Southside. The voice of this beatiful song is given by Southside. The song is from 808M2* album. The song will release on April 21, 2022.

Hold The Heater Song Lyrics Southside

Lyrics from Snippet 1

Southside on the track, yeah

[Verse: Future]
[?] bitch I keep her
I’ve been counting on hunnids [?] I gotta leave her
All them shooters just stayed spice up I ghost that bitch I don’t need her, yeah

[Chorus: Travis Scott]
Hold that, hold that heater
Hold that, hold that heater (Ooh)
Hold that, hold that heater

Lyrics from Snippet 2
[Verse: Future]
…it was Celine (Yeah)
The hook on the choppa, Kareem (Yeah)
I’m poppin’ that bitch like a bean (Yeah)
She sit in the coupe and she ink (Yeah)
I said I was…

Lyrics from Snippet 3

[Verse: Travis Scott]
Sippin’ on water, not sterile (Drank)
Niggas keep jackin’, playing around before you end up on a mural (Ah)
Black out you spin like the Euros (Ooh)
Batman, I ain’t even no hero (Let’s go)

Hold The Heater Song info

Song:Hold The Heater
Label:South Side Production, Epic Records
Written:Southside, Travis Scott, Future
Release Date:April 21, 2022

Hold The Heater Video

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