Letter To My Ex Lyrics Maliibu Miitch

Letter To My Ex Lyrics is the latest song by Maliibu Miitch. The voice of this beatiful song is given by Maliibu Miitch. The song will release on April 14, 2022.

Letter To My Ex Song Lyrics Maliibu Miitch

Man, how you start buggin’ and trippin’ and wildin’?
Thought you was ridin’ forever like Clyde
Ridin’ like Bonnie, I’m catching ’em bodies
Out on them beaches, I had you smokin’ exotic
I had you lookin’ exotic, changing your views
Now you up in the Six with a felony on you, I got you through customs
All of them niggas you with is some bustas, uh
That pussy is steady be bluffin’, won’t even bust shit
Now you some nigga I don’t fuck with
How you become all the niggas I’m curvin’, swervin’
Make me take shots of tha Bourbon
You know I’m fighting some demons
You know I ain’t call it quit for no reason
You know my peace of mind just mean more to me
You know my family mean more to me
And I put that on anything, uh
Like I put that on еverything, God He steady bе blessin’ me, uh
Like a TEC with a vest on me, gave you that best of me, shit wasn’t best for me
You was aggy forever, I’m down for whatever that shit wasn’t best for me
‘Cause we could’ve been ballin’, could’ve been scorin’, money is just pourin’, uh
Now all of them bitches you fuckin’ is boring while I’m steady soaring, uh
While I’m steady finessing a check on me, days when you couldn’t get next to me
You was heavy on subbin’, goin’ out clubbin’, that shit was above me
Now you wanna know who I be fuckin’ and suckin’, that shit got you bubblin’
Man, that shit got you wondering
While my money comin’ in
I really be wantin’ to violate but I know you just gon’ run with it
Then I’ma go dumb on it
I gotta go dumb on it
‘Cause with ninety-nine problems, I’m only givin’ him one way of solving it
Like how you start buggin’ and trippin’ and wildin’?
Thought you was ridin’, forever like Clyde
You know Bonnie and Clyde with our eyes on the prize
Now you back to the streets and you feedin’ ’em lies

Letter To My Ex Song info

Song:Letter To My Ex
Artist:Maliibu Miitch
Release Date:April 14, 2022

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