THE_EVIL_THAT_MEN_DO Lyrics is the latest song by $UICIDEBOY$. The voice of this beatiful song is given by $UICIDEBOY$. The song will release on April 21, 2022.


You ask me to help you?
How can I when you’ve kidnapped and stolen
For all I know, even murdered
By nightfall, we will have left your Earth
You will not see us until it is time
Thanks for watching
$uicideboy ($uicideboy)

[Verse 1: Ruby da Cherry]
When I die, auction off all my body parts
Let’s see what Oddy cost, summon my skull to shawty’s cross
Got all these opps on my dick, like it’s made of metal
Makin’ so much money, it’s like my boss is the devil
She knows me, she loves me, now I ran out of petals
The ground with those bits, I rip this bone style forever
I portray all my pain in an homage to my sufferin’ saint tale
I been recoverin’, I’m staining your world grey, y’all get back to colouring
[Verse 2: $lick $loth]
Slickity, slickity sloth, [?]
Shoot up the mask, it will [?]
Dippin’ my arms in the fire and get cuffed like it come with pliers
Liars all around me talkin’, hugs and love attaching
Kisses that comes with riches just so they can touch my trust
Fuck, that’s some hard motherfuckin’ truth
Still contemplatin’ suicide, just upgraded a couple coupes
Morally bankrupt, call the skank up to pretend she love me
Hold on, don’t talk while you fuckin’ suck me

[Interlude: Ruby da Cherry, $lick $loth]
Uh, should we, I, that was a little short, bruh
Well, fuck bro
Can we, can we
I just did eight bars ’cause I said what I needed to say
I got more shit to say, bro, like
Well, I mean
What? Tell me
This ain’t it, bro

[Verse 3: Ruby da Cherry]
Who the fuck say Ruby done lost his touch?
Blame my success on lots of luck
But lots of luck ain’t gonna get your bitch unfucked
Blame my absence on the fact that my dick got stuck
Call me Evergreen, your bitch never seen like she lost touch
Beggin’ me, she wants a jump fuck
We chuffed, don’t fuck with drama, cash
Is it time to collect ash, but the stash, I guess I’ll smash
Pull off in the Glee-Wagon, fucked up, I might crash
Just thoughts revealing from the half of me that is white trash
[Verse 4: $lick $loth]
Bitch, I cheated death, ain’t nothin’ that I can’t do
Manipulation shawty, I can sell ice to [?]
I can sell ice to the jeweler, I can sell Christ like I’m Judas
Self-righteous type of shooter, make my life as your intruder, excluder
Product of my environment
My therapist was talkin’ ‘fore I rolled my eyes and vibed the bitch
Why would I quit my drug, the choice is overdosin’ dumb
My dick got no limits, I’m masterin’ pimpin’
And makin’ the bitches say “yuh”

[Outro: Ruby da Cherry]
You would be horrified at the sight of us
Rain, rain, go away
Two hundred on the dash, watch me hydroplane
Gang, gang, gangs all grey from New Orleans [?]
From Atlanta to the Bay


Producer:Budd Dwyer
Written:Aristos Petrou, Scott Arceneaux Jr.
Release Date:April 21, 2022



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