​world.execute(me); (Key Ingredient ver.) Lyrics Mili (Indie)

​world.execute(me); (Key Ingredient ver.) Lyrics is the latest song by Mili (Indie). The voice of this beatiful song is given by Mili (Indie). The song will release on May 18, 2022.

​world.execute(me); (Key Ingredient ver.) Song Lyrics Mili (Indie)

Switch on the power line, remember to put on protection
Lay down your pieces and let’s begin object creation
Fill in my data, parameters, initialization
Setup our new world and let’s begin the simulation

[Verse 1]
If I’m a set of points, then I will give you my dimension
If I’m a circle, then I will give you my circumference
If I’m a sine wave, then you can sit on all my tangents
If I approach infinity, then you can be my limitations

Switch my current, AC to DC
And then blind my vision, dizzy, so dizzy
We can travel, A.D to B.C
And we can unite, so deeply
If I can give you all the stimulations
Then I can be your only satisfaction
If I can make you happy, I will run the execution
Though we are trapped in this simulation

[Verse 2]
If I’m an eggplant, then I’ll give you my nutrients
If tomato tomato, then I’ll give you antioxidants
If meow, then I will purr for your enjoyment
If I’m the only god, then you’re the proof of my existence

Switch my gender, F to M-M-M
Do whatever,AM to PM
Switch my role,S to M
So we can enter the trance, trance

If I feel your vibrations
Then I can be completion
Though you have left, you have left
You have left, you have left, you have left
You have left me in isolation
If I can, if I can, erase all the pointless fragments
Then maybe, you won’t leave me so disheartened
Challenging your God, you have made some illegal arguments
Execution, mm-mm-mm-mmm
Execution, mmm
Ein, dos, trois
네, fem, 六
Execution, ah

If I can give them all the execution
Then I am your only execution
If I can have you back, I will run the execution
Though we are trapped, we are trapped, ah

I’ve studied how to properly love
Question me I can answer all love
The algebraic expression of love
Though you are free, I am trapped in love

Love, love, love

​world.execute(me); (Key Ingredient ver.) Song info

Song:​world.execute(me); (Key Ingredient ver.)
Artist:Mili (Indie)
Release Date:May 18, 2022

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